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Small voltage version
High voltage version
Small current version
Maximum power measured 3.5 kW 1.2 kW 6.0 kW 500 W
Maximum voltage measured DC500V DC120V DC600V DC500V
Maximum current measured 10A 350V
7A 500V
10A 10A 1A
Input/Output Solar cell : 1 unit
Temperature sensor : 2 units (Optional) *1
Pyranometer : 1 unit (Optional) *1
PC : Windows® USB port
Measurement display item Date/time, ID # (Arbitrary), Fill factor (FF), Open circuit voltage (Voc), Short circuit current (Isc), Maximum power (Pm), Maximum power current (Ipm), Maximum power voltage (Vpm), Solar irradiance (PYRA), Temperature (TEP 1: Outdoor temp., TEP 2: Module), I-V data
Number of measurements saved 400

Product types and target customers

Available in 3 types of voltage range: String compatible type TSC-PD01, TSC-PD03 and Single module compatible type TSC-PD02

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