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Establishment April, 1936
Representative Director
Kazuki Tahara
Annual Sales 1.4 billion JPN Yen
Paid-in Capital 40 million JPN Yen
Settlement period Once per year on September
Land & Building HQ and Factory Land 7,600m²
Building 4,300m²
Employee Full time: 59 (Engineer 28)
Part time: 35
Address HQ office and factory
2-30 honmachi Fuchu-shi Tokyo 183-8519
Administration & General Affair Group
Phone: +81-42-364-3033
Fax: +81-42-364-3093

Management policy

1.1 At Tahara Electric Co., Ltd., our goal is to bring the happiness of mankind including employees and customers, and to create a safe and environmentally friendly society by providing technology, products and services backed by our innovative and creative skills in the field of power supply, control and information technology.

1.2 Tahara Electric Co., Ltd. will fulfill the responsibility omitted in order to achieve the objectives above, act aggressively upon the courage and courtesy in accordance with the mission statement, and persistently challenge for the new phase and complexity.

Quality control policy

1.1 We are committed to establish the quality system that are capable of satisfying the quality requirements of customers and society, for all personnel involved in the process and its process from design through to servicing any product that we manufacture.

1.2 Therefore, we need to increase the awareness of the quality of the personnel involved in the processing. By improving the quality and accuracy on every work procedure, the DP - Defect Prevention is implemented; in unlikely event of the occurrence, we strive to resolve the defect at once within its own procedure and not get carried onto the next step.

1.3 In order to accomplish the DP more effectively, PDCA cycle, the basics of business management is established amongst every corporate activity. With it, we aim to provide the market better service and product at lower price whilst ensuring profit, realize the corporate social responsibility, and grow in harmony with society.ef

Environmental policy

Basic principle

Tahara Electric Co., Ltd. recognizes the environmental preservation as the essential issue amongst all mankind, responsibly preserves the environment to the next generation and will endeavor in every business activity for coexistence of man and nature.

Conduct guideline

Our business is primarily in designing and production of control and monitoring system and power distribution system for plants and factories, and development and manufacturing of assorted electronic control units; we are exerting for reduction of the environmental load generated from these activities and striving to provide eco friendly products and services.

  • 1.1 Eco Stage Environmental Management System is adopted to continuously make improvements on prevention of pollution.
  • 1.2 We comply with other agreements and voluntarily decided to accept environmental laws and regulations.
  • 1.3 We will implement on our activity, products and services to the extent technically and economically feasible on the followings;
  • Promotion of energy conservation and resource conservation
  • Reduction of waste by promoting recycling.
  • Promotion of "5S" methodology
  • Provision of eco-friendly products
  • Promotion of "zero default" action
  • To fully understand this policy to all employees, we will endeavor to provide appropriate information to the public.

Tahara Electric Co., Ltd.
Kazuki Tahara
President & Representative Director

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