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Ideal for long term measurement of solar cell output characteristics data - Field Test System -


A software to measure and manage the data of a solar cell output characteristics over a long period by using our solar cell I-V characteristics measurer "Solar Cell Array Checker TSC-PD01/PD02/PD03"


PC Software


Connected instruments TSC-PD01(500V 3.5kW)/-02 (120V 1.2kW) /-03 (600V 6kW)
Maximum connection 4 units
Measuring data Max power, max operating voltage/current/open voltage, short current, I-V variables
Irradiance, module temperature, outdoor temperature
Displayed data Electric energy, measured variables, I-V/P-V curves, fill factor, correction variables, efficiency
Period summary display Period selection (30 min., 1 hr., day, month, 3-month, year)
Other display Site registration data, module data, measurer control
Data extraction Maximum/average/minimum values, irradiance, module temperature, outdoor temperature, efficiency
Data input/output Input/output of measured variables in CSV format
PC operation requirement Microsoft® Windows® XP (Japanese version only)
* The design and specification of the product may be changed/modified without prior notice

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