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Our primary business is "constructing controller systems", "developing of industrial software", and "development manufacturing of electronic devices" to resolve issues held within plants and facilities. Not just by strengthening each sector, but by integrating all these operations into one system, we are able to provide a variety of solutions to our clients

Constructing of controller system

We are constructing a variety of monitor - control systems and power distribution systems mainly of process monitor control and power receiving and distribution system in the field of manufacturing and public services in buildings and roads.
From unit designing, circuit board design, software development, assemblage/manufacturing, system testing, to onsite assembling assisting, we can provide satisfactory services seamlessly. In addition to establishment of new system, we can comply with replacement/testing/maintenance of existing system including the updates/ adjustment from field survey.

Development and manufacturing of electronic devices

We provide our services from unit development to assembly and testing of products, including circuit design and embedded software development such as communication control unit, microcomputer equipped electronic devices, and interface boards. We also comply in lead free production and high density packaging, and assorted and mass production, satisfying diversified and sophisticated demands.

Software development

We carry out contract the development of PLC - programmable logic controller represented by ladder software in control system, process monitor/control software by SCADA system mainly of FAVIEW, and HMI structuring such as a touch panel. We provide the development of software, the vital element of a product backed by our extensive experience. We also comply with updating of existing sequence program, including the updates/ adjustment from field survey.

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