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Battery Operated! Battery powered and operable where no AC power is available Very mobile, indeed Easy Transporting! Small briefcase (A4) size for easy transportation Easy Operation! Just turn. On the power and push START. Easily measuring the amount of power generated from monocrystal and polycrystal solar cells

Feature 1

Anomaly detection "Searching the error by comparing current/voltage/power curve on each string"

Feature 2

Internal loss index (FF value) of the solar cell read directly By presetting an arbitrary FF value, alarm goes off when measured FF value is out of range!

Feature 3 Prediction Simulation Function

Supporting the performance confirmation by having the catalogue data of module replaced with predicted databased on the measured templSunlight condition, and compared to the actual data.

Feature 4 Correction calculation of measured data

The software calibrate the measured data to JIS standard condition (Sunlight®1,000W/m2, temp@25°C)

Feature 5 Compilation of measured data

Supporting the comparative verification of measured data taken upon construction and during maintenances

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